3 ways to use the Twitter archive to your brand’s advantage

Through Echo we have access to the entire Twitter archive, all the way back to the very first tweet posted in 2006. More than just a search, Echo is an interactive way to quickly visualize data from Twitter’s archive in order to learn the size and trajectory of any conversation. You can zoom in and out, widening or narrowing the dates you’re looking at and adding and subtracting terms.

Think that sounds great, but still wondering exactly how this resource can benefit your brand? We’ll break down just three ways you can use the Twitter archive to your brand’s advantage, via Echo.

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Research a big pitch

Before you pitch a client or your boss or board on a big new idea, you want to have all the possible data you can to back it up. With Echo you can look at how different conversations built and grew and declined, who the major players were within those conversations, and more.

You won’t just get a lot of noise either; Echo allows you to build powerful queries using boolean logic and advanced operators to return only the Tweets you want. Union Metrics Echo

Track a campaign from that research

Take the most relevant results from your search and use them to backfill a Twitter Tracker with custom historical data to start monitoring Tweets in real-time. Now you have not only everything you needed to form the base of your campaign, but the ability to see how the conversation moves forward in relation to that existing data.

This way you can change course mid-campaign if necessary, tweaking whatever the audience isn’t responding to and nurturing the content that is performing well. Not to mention you’ll be able to quickly and easily identify influencers if they begin interacting with your brand since you’ll have seen their activity around this topic in the past.

Which brings us to our third point.

Easily identify influencers

While big influencers are certainly easy to identify, more brands are turning toward partnerships with micro-influencers. These influencers have much smaller followings but a much higher rate of engagement within that group, often tied to specific, smaller areas of interest.

Echo allows a brand to easily identify these people around different hashtags and topics and see how they prefer to interact with other brands, establishing an important basis for your own brand to interact with them.

Anything else?

This only scratches the surface of what’s possible with Echo. Our team is happy to give your brand a personalized demo, so shoot us an email or click on the button below.

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