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Webinars may not be the sexist of things, but they are often very helpful and informative. Or at least that’s what we’re aiming for, so definitely always let us know if there’s a topic you’d like us to cover in a webinar or on our office hours on Facebook Live!

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Twitter tailored audience export for Twitter Advertisers

With our new Twitter audience feature, you can easily generate a customized list of Twitter usernames that can be imported directly into your Twitter ads manager for targeting.

Catch this webinar recording for a discussion of the new feature and how it can help improve your paid campaigns on Twitter from none other than our CEO, Hayes Davis, who demonstrates how to use the export and walks through the most popular use cases for it.

 Live Q&A with Union Metrics’ Social Media Manager

In this webinar recording, we interview our in-house expert and Social Media Manager, Sarah Parker, to learn more about what it’s like to run social media at Union Metrics. Sarah discusses her social media strategy and how she leverages Union Metrics analytics to get more from her campaigns. She also gives us her best social media tips, including figuring out when the best time to post is, how to reach new audiences and which metrics you should use to measure your progress.

Whether you’re just getting started on social media or a seasoned marketer looking for a new perspective, this webinar will help you become more successful on social.

Get better competitive intel with social media

How much do you know about your competition’s social strategy? There’s a lot you can learn from your competitors if you have the right tools. At Union Metrics, we provide the in-depth analytics marketing teams need for competitive analysis and benchmarking on social media.

In this webinar recording, learn how to generate actionable competitive intelligence from social media. Our CEO, Hayes Davis, demonstrates how to measure your brand’s share of voice and track your competitors’ engagement. He also discusses how to use this competitive data to inform your own strategy and gives the audience a preview of our brand new Facebook competitor reporting!

Get more from social media with analytics

Want some fresh advice on how to do better on social media? In this recorded webinar, we sat down with Nic Baughman, Customer Success Manager at Union Metrics, to discuss how to leverage analytics to be more successful on social media. Every day, Nic works closely with our customers to make sure they’re getting the most from social analytics.

During this Q&A-style webinar, Nic shares examples of some creative ways customers have used our analytics along with his best advice for brands looking to be more successful on social media, in addition to tips on which social metrics you should be monitoring day-to-day.

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