The Week in Social #248

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On content marketing

Here are The 4 Ways to Fix Your Broken Content Marketing from Jay Baer for Convince & Convert if your results haven’t been what you’ve wanted lately.

“If your content isn’t working, maybe what you’re creating content ABOUT is off-base? Remember, if your content solely talks about your company, its products, and the corresponding features and benefits, you don’t really have a content marketing initiative; you have an episodic brochure.”

Also from Convince & Convert by Jacob Warwick, see How Outlines Hone Your Content and Improve Your Writing.

On Facebook’s latest updates

You may have noticed that the Story format first put forth by Snapchat is now everywhere, especially in all of Facebook’s apps. So here’s What the commodification of (Snapchat) Stories means for marketers from Bola Awoniyi for Econsultancy’s blog.

eMarketer looks at the stats behind platforms in their piece Facebook Is Copying Snapchat…Again.

“For years now, commenters have suggested that Facebook’s appeal among young people is fading. However, according to eMarketer estimates, it remains the most widely used social platform. Among internet users ages 18 to 24, Facebook has a higher penetration level, at 79.0%, compared with Snapchat’s 69.6%.

But simple penetration levels don’t tell the whole story. A variety of surveys have found signals of higher enthusiasm for Facebook’s rival platforms (including some of Facebook’s own units).

For example, a March 2017 survey conducted by LendEdu found that more than half of college students in the US said they checked their Snapchat notifications first, compared with 27% who checked Instagram first and 13% who said the same of Facebook.”

kids today

It’s important to remember the younger demographic might be using Snapchat because their family isn’t there; and it might not be enough to simply clone Snapchat’s features to get them to use Facebook with the same frequency.

On influencers and everything else

TopRank blog takes on the future of influencer marketing with The Next Evolution of Influencer Marketing: 4 Key Insights And What They Mean from Joshua Nite. The key takeaway?

“It’s not about chasing the most famous person…it’s about the person who best can move their audience.”

Emphasis added.

And finally, here’s How a Good Communications Policy can Avert a Social Media Crisis (and Actually Get You Customers) from David Amerland for Social Media Today.

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