The Week in Social #247

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On video

If you’ve been wanting to venture into Facebook video for your brand but weren’t sure how to make it work, then 6 Ways to Make Facebook Video Work for Your Business from Lilach Bullock for Social Media Today is definitely for you.

Meanwhile Marketing Charts looks into the question of How Do Viewers Discover Video Content?

“However, consumers are also now learning about new content through alternative means, such as streaming service recommendations (23%), social media (21%) or radio, TV or podcast host recommendations (16%).”


On influencers

Study: Influencer marketing budgets are bigger this year for 63% of marketers from David Kirkpatrick for Marketing Dive. Two big takeaways. First:

“As the research indicates, many marketers report spending less than $5,000 per campaign, making influencers remarkably cost-effective for the reach they can provide. Combine that with the fact influencer marketing is often seen as more authentic than studio-quality, traditional ads, and it’s understandable why brands are looking to double down on their strategies.”

And of course, the caveat to this style of campaign: Brands can’t control the behavior of the influencer outside of their work on the joint campaign, which can still damage their brand.

To get the most out of influencer campaigns, brands are repurposing the content created for them as eMarketer covers in How Brands Repurpose Influencer Content. The two big takeaways weren’t completely related to how exactly that content is reused, however:

“When it comes to influencers’ preferences, many say they care more about a brand’s values lining up with their own rather than how much a brand pays them.

And contrary to what some believe, influencers with the most followers don’t necessarily get the most likes.”

brands repurpose influencer marketing

Instagram is increasingly the preferred platform for this, so related from EntrepreneurEverything You Need to Know About Instagram Takeovers by Alfred Lua.

On content marketing and everything else

Successful content doesn’t happen magically. See The Science Behind Successful Content from Kelsey Meyer for Convince & Convert for more.

Finally, if you’ve got everything all planned out but can’t seem to get your budget approved we have just exactly the piece for you: How to Get Your Social Media Budget Approved [Podcast] from Pam Moore also for SMT.

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