Walmart breaks into filmmaking with #TheReceipt

Last week we looked at a preview of the conversation around the Oscars on Twitter and learned about WalMart’s advertising campaign that featured a series of short films created around a receipt (#TheReceipt). Each one had a different director, each known for different types of film storytelling, and attempted to tell the story behind- you guessed it- a receipt of seemingly random items from WalMart.

And each film was indeed very different.

Adweek highlights the fact that

“It’s clearly a vast departure from the kind of cost-focused advertising Walmart is known for, and a big embrace of branded storytelling. That’s appropriate for the one telecast that best celebrates stories. (In a blog post, the retailer said the whole project was about ‘being a part of the big cultural moments that are important to our customers and giving them something fun to enjoy.’)”

The conversation around this campaign wasn’t huge before the Oscars broadcast, but it did certainly pick up to match the other advertisers pretty closely as we can see using Echo:

The Receipt

The big takeaway? When you’re a brand as big as WalMart and you have enough resources to experiment with something new like this, it’s worth it even if your campaign isn’t a complete sensation. As long as you learn more about what your audience likes and wants to hear from you, that’s valuable information to take not only into your next campaign but into your regular content marketing as well.

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