Tips to help you get more from your Trackers

Most people use their Trackers to monitor their own accounts across channels, as well as a hashtag or campaign or two. That’s great! But those are just a few of the ways you could be using your Trackers. Here are our tips for getting more from your Trackers (and as a reminder, Trackers provide real-time data collection and analytics and come with all our business plans).

Analyze competitive Facebook pages. When you set up a Tracker for one of your Facebook pages, you can also add in data from your competitors’ page to see how you compare. Be sure you’ve added at least 2 or 3 competitors to all your Facebook page Trackers to provide context for your metrics.

Monitor a Twitter topic. Create a topic Tracker for real-time Twitter listening based on a set of keywords, hashtags or other queries to be sure you never miss a conversation about your company or industry. Learn more about what customers care about and stay on top of trends.

Track posts from a specific location. Create an Instagram or Twitter Tracker with geo or language filters to focus in on only those posts from a particular part of the world. Be sure you’re paying attention to just posts from your target audience to learn more about them.

Tracker Types

You can use your Trackers for so many things! And as a reminder, you can edit or tweak your Trackers at any time. You can even delete and start fresh with a totally new topic. They’re yours to use, so get creative. And if you have any questions or want to talk one of our team’s social media experts for recommendations, let us know!

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