Take a virtual tour of Scotland with this new app

It’s not VisitScotland’s first time in Campaigns We Love and that’s because they keep coming up with engaging campaigns designed to draw travelers in.

Their latest is more immersive than ever while requiring little effort on the part of the participant: Simply download their new free app and you can “experience some of Scotland’s most iconic locations and landscapes in a 360° immersive tour“.

They’ve put out a video that captures the feel of it:

And emphasize that while it works great on your smartphone, the experience is optimized “in Stereoscopic 3D with a Google Cardboard virtual reality headset”. The physical barriers to VR are still too high for most consumers- the tech is too expensive to consider buying for recreational home use- so making this app accessible in multiple ways was a smart move.

Overall the campaign is a great application for VR; spending some time virtually engaging with the landmarks in Scotland can be enough to make a viewer want to explore them in person, and it’s also a great way for those who can’t travel to experience a far away place from home. VR doesn’t have to be huge and splashy.

They’re smartly promoting across social, too.

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