How to pitch a new idea to your boss or client (and nail it)

Okay we can’t guarantee you’ll nail it- trust us, if we crack that code you’ll be the first to know!- but we can make you feel so prepared you’ll be confident enough to nail it.

How? We’ve got the data. Let us show you how you can get the data you need to sell your boss or client onĀ the next great idea you pitch.

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Contextualize your idea

Why is your idea good for your brand or your client’s brand right now? What’s happening in the industry that makes it the perfect time for this idea? Set this up by taking a look at the state of the industry right now, then demonstrating how your idea could shift things in favor of your brand. The specifics will obviously depend on your idea and its goals, but it could look something like reporting on the current share of voice in the industry and show how your idea would increase your brand’s portion relative to competitors.

This could also work for raising brand awareness, strengthening your brand’s online community, and more. Be sure you’re clear on the current data and how exactly your idea will work to influence the state of things going forward. Crucially, have an explanation for while it’s still worthwhile if it doesn’t go according to plan. More on that in the next section.

It’s not failure if you learn

We often encourage an experimental approach to your social strategy, at least in part, because being willing to try new things (based on current data around your target audience and customers) is the best way to keep your strategy fresh and relevant. When you’re pitching a new idea, emphasize how this could positively influence your social strategy even if it’s a failure. After all, you’ll have new data around your target audience, customers and fans and followers. Knowing what not to do can sometimes teach us even more than the successful things.

Of course, how much you emphasize this point will depend on how risky your idea is, how open your boss or client is to the concept of experimenting with your strategy, and the budget and resources you have to work with. If it’s something you’re incredibly passionate about, consider testing it on your own time using your personal social presenceĀ and incorporating those results as part of your pitch. While personal brands do play by slightly different rules, this can be a great way to ease a reluctant boss or client into your idea.

Decide how you’ll do your research and report your results

Now that you have the outline for your pitch, you need to do the real work: The research and planning for how you’re going to measure during and after your idea goes into action. Pick analytics that fit with your budget and resources and be aware of how one can influence the other. (You might be tempted to pick the cheapest option, but that could mean spending hours of your time divining results from raw data or having to start over if it doesn’t track things according to your expectations.)

If you’re researching share of voice, for example, you could use something like one of our multi-channel analytics plans to look at key competitors and even keywords and influencers in your industry. With our Social Suite, you can even use Echo to search the entire Twitter archive for unparalleled data collection.

Whatever you chose, be sure it’s built on reliable data sources so it doesn’t disappear mid-way through measuring the implementation of your idea and leave you in the dust.

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