Introducing new geo filters in Union Metrics Trackers

We’re so excited to announce that we just released our brand new geo filters! Create Instagram and Twitter Trackers based on posts filtered by location.

Geo filters are perfect for when you want to track only posts from a specific geographic area. They complement our existing in-Tracker geo report that allows you to report on all the locations in a Tracker, or drill into a particular location to learn more about it.

Existing Social Suite customers can log in to try geo filters now! And if you’re not an existing Social Suite customer, talk to us about upgrading!

geofilter 1

The new geo filter feature lets you preemptively filter a Tracker so it only pulls in posts from the locations you’re interested in. So now you can set up a more restrictive geo-bound search when you create a Tracker with the new filters, or review the overall geo trends in a global Tracker with our existing Tracker report. Geo filters are available only in the Social Suite, in Instagram and Twitter topic Trackers.

For more information

We’re holding a webinar on Thursday to talk more about our geo reporting and how you can use it. You can also join our next office hours on Thursday afternoon on Facebook Live to ask any questions you have there, or contact us via email any time.

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