Cheerios invites you to help save the bees

Regulars on the cereal aisle have probably noticed something big missing from the Cheerios boxes: Buzz, their bee mascot. Buzz’s absence is a purposeful move by the brand, meant to highlight the declining number of bees in the wild, further tying into their larger campaign to #BringBackTheBees. After all, the honey in their cereal depends on it!

A blank on a box is certainly capable of grabbing consumer attention in person, but General Mills goes a step further once they have that attention, urging consumers to write in for some free wildflower seeds to help reestablish bee populations in the consumer’s own area.

The need behind the campaign is explained in greater detail in this video:

And if you think nobody is interested in contacting a company for wildflower seeds, it turns out they very much are:

Consumers increasingly want to do business with brands whose values match their own and this is a perfect example of a brand tapping into that trend while simultaneously serving the greater good.

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