Happy 11th birthday, Twitter!

Today’s a big day for a company that’s pretty important to us at Union Metrics. Twitter turns 11 today! We’ve been with Twitter since the very early days and still use it constantly to keep up with what’s going on in the world, share our thoughts with friends, and find all the best Steph Curry clips. (BTW, if you don’t already, you should follow our company account at @UnionMetrics.)

Twitter has changed so much over the past 11 years. One good way to encapsulate the evolution of Twitter is to take a look at the various responses to the first Tweet ever posted.

There have been a LOT if replies since 2006 and they span the range of human emotion: Funny, touching, absurd.

Twitter truly has become a place for global conversation and changed communication as we know it, especially for its users. Happy birthday, Twitter!