The Week in Social #242

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On content marketing

If you think the only cost of content marketing is just the time it takes to write something up, there are some “hidden” costs you might want to keep in mind when planning strategy and hiring. Tom Pick covers Some Costs of Your Content Marketing Efforts You Probably Aren’t Measuring—But Should for V2B’s marketing blog.

Neil Patel put together 9 (More) Lessons From the World’s Best Content Marketing Brands for the Content Marketing Institute’s blog, and they’re as insightful as ever. One takeaway?

“GE teaches us that you don’t need to be stuck in any particular box of content marketing. People use a variety of mediums to consume content, and the more you appear on, the larger your audience of potential customers.”

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On everything else

Curious about how, exactly, the Instagram algorithm works? Then Andrew Hutchinson’s Inside the Instagram Algorithm piece for Social Media Today is just what you need to read. TL;DR?

“As you can see here, the key measures they use (or considered using) to determine relevance and decide which posts show up higher in your Instagram feed are:

  • People whose content you like
  • People you direct message
  • People you search for
  • People you know in real life

Now, how exactly each of these elements might be weighted is hard to say, but these are the measures Instagram initially considered in their testing, which means they’re also very likely the same measures they use now.

Dimson does note that they haven’t necessarily weighted any of these elements at all, but they’ve instead focused on engagement, and using any engagement as an indicator, but it’s interesting to note the various ways in which that engagement can be measured, which could then result in certain posts by certain people appearing higher in your Instagram feed.

Essentially, the content from users you engage with will rank higher, and Instagram takes all of these forms of interaction into account.”

Finally, if your Twitter video strategy could use a refresh, check out Twitter Conducts New Study into the Key Elements of Effective Video on the Platform also from Andrew Hutchinson for SMT.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

Image source: The Found Animals Foundation.