The Week in Social #240

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All about Facebook

Facebook announced some more tweaks to the News Feed Algorithm, including a look at favoring longer videos. Here’s What brands need to know about Facebook’s long-form video push by Patricio Robles for Econsultancy’s blog. The bottom line?

“But given the cost of producing longer-form video, and the risk that users won’t stay engaged with this content no matter how much Facebook hopes they will, brands active on Facebook should be cautious about pursuing the creation of longer-form video in the hopes that it will help them eek out gains on the social network.”

The other updates Facebook announced? Andrew Hutchinson breaks it down for Social Media TodayFacebook Updates News Feed Algorithm to Focus on Authentic and Timely Content. It doesn’t seem like this update will hugely impact Pages, unless they’ve tried to game Facebook’s system in the past.

And finally, David Kirkpatrick reports Facebook reports brands see a lift when optimizing video for mobile for Marketing Dive.

On native advertising and influencers

Two important pieces from eMarketer this week, covering the intertwined subjects of native advertising and influencer marketing. For Native Advertising, 2017 Looks Like a Year of Clarity: This murky area is getting some definition, it would seem.

Finally, brands can take some good advice from What to Look for When Working with Influencers:

“‘Best practices include looking beyond the size of an influencer’s audience, matching the influencer’s audience to your target audience and gauging the audience’s receptivity to branded content,’ Williamson said.”

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