The social networks our team is loving (and why)

Which social networks do the people who work for a social media analytics company like to visit in their spare time and why? If that’s a question that you’ve ever pondered, we’re here with some answers for you.

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We asked: What’s your favorite social media platform right now and why?

  • Twitter’s been going strong for me; the key is paring down your timeline to only COOL people.” – Jerry Chen, VP of Engineering
  • “It’s a three-way tie between Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat for me. Twitter because it’s the best place to find out what’s happening in the world (especially relevant lately), Instagram because I love the beautifully curated photos from all my friends, and Snapchat because it’s a real-time, unfiltered view of what’s going on right now with those closest to me.” -Jenn Deering Davis, Editor-in-Chief
  • “Right now, my favorite is Instagram :) then Snapchat. I like how Ig added stories, so I can post more frequently to the app without having to commit to an Instagram and have it on my page forever (This is why I liked Snapchat in the first place, but now that Ig has stories, I post more on there instead of on both apps, just because I’m lazy). And I have way more reach on Instagram than I do on Snapchat so you’ll prob find me posting the more polished things there and saving the non-polished things and inside jokes for Snapchat where my audience is more my close friends.” -Rebecca Allen, Marketing Manager
  • Instagram! Because it’s where an amazing and talented community of woodworkers (my hobby) hang out. We all share posts of our finished work, designs and tools as well as progress pics/videos of our sawdust. So, it’s a wonderful source of inspiration and occasionally, praise.” -Dean Cruse, VP of Sales & Marketing (and accomplished woodworker)
  • Youtube. I like videos for product reviews and to watch what other people are doing in respect to my hobbies. It gives me a lot of good ideas and lets me stay up-to-date on what’s going on.” – Josh Puckett, Account Executive
  • Instagram because it’s mostly cute pics and not politics.” – Chloe Coon, Software Engineer
  • “I don’t do much social personally, but the only platform I check at any level of regularity is Facebook since it generally has the only meaningful or interesting content for me.” – Matthew Wells, Software Engineer
  • Twitter is my favorite platform.  I like the fact that it is such a real-time soundboard of what is happening on anything at that moment. Also, I enjoy how unfiltered it is. And from a business perspective it is the only place that allows you to be ‘in the same room’ with your audience, and know their perspective at that moment.  Ultimately you get marketing, news, customer service, and reactions all in real-time.” -Jace Henry, Account Executive
  • “My fave is Snapchat right now; I’m spending more and more time on it, and the quick and silly nature of it appeals to me.” -Betsy Rogers, Customer Support Representative
  • “My favorite right now is Instagram, because it consistently does something that the others don’t – make me happy. No diatribes, no arguments, just pictures of the people and places I like.” -Bradley Schmidt, Data Engineer
  • “My favorite platform right now is Instagram. I like how simple it is to use and how clean the UI is. There seems to be an increase in bots finding me (and wedding related Igs, please go away) but I suppose if I went private that would be less of a problem.” -Nichole Pladevega, Sales Operations
  • Twitter because it’s succinct nature makes information easily digestible and also, let’s face it- sometimes you need your dose of kittens.” -Steph Cruz, Product Designer
  • “I like Facebook as it helps me manage many different tiers of relationships—  from family in Wisconsin to networking with industry professionals.” -Frankie Frankovis, Account Executive

As for your friendly neighborhood Social Media Manager, who is also authoring this post? It’s a tie between Instagram and Tumblr. I love the simpler nature of Instagram but I can never completely quit the quirky sense of humor Tumblr has to offer.

What about you, reader? What’s your favorite platform right now, and why?