Finding the right hashtags on Twitter

Hashtags are the key to discovery on most social platforms and Twitter is no exception (that would be Facebook). But with the plethora of hashtags available for use- including any you might invent for your brand to use- and the ever-changing trending hashtags, how do you find the ones that are right for your brand to use?

We’re here to cover just how you can find the right hashtags on Twitter. And if you have any questions you can always find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics.

First: Audit your current hashtags

Which hashtags do you currently use and how are they performing for you? Depending on how much time you have you can do a deeper dive into your Twitter performance over time, or simply take a look at your recent five best and worst performing tweets.

Check the following for each tweet:

  • Did they include hashtags?
  • Which one(s) did they include?
  • Did you use more than one?
  • Did the hashtag fit the content of the tweet?
  • Was it hashtag you’ve used before?

If you’ve found that you’re using the same hashtags over and over again and not getting great results, it’s probably time for a hashtag refresh. Which brings us to our next step.

Find related hashtags to test

Take the tweets you’ve been using and/or those that have performed well for you and do a Twitter search with them; what other hashtags come up that are related? You can also run a free Twitter snapshot report to see what related hashtags are used in the tweets it returns, in addition to comparing the hashtag’s reach and exposure to others that you’re using and testing.

From this you can create a working list of hashtags to search before you use them, double-checking to be sure they’re not spammy or otherwise compromised (some terms are used as slang and might have a meaning you don’t want associated with your brand; best-case scenario using them incorrectly would just make your brand look out of touch and at worst you might have a PR crisis of your own making on your hands).

From that list, whittle it down to one you can test in some of your tweets going forward.

Measure audience response (then lather, rinse, repeat)

The best way to know how successful any element of your social strategy is, is to have a measurement system in place. Of course we’d be happy if you chose Union Metrics- we have a number of plans to choose from to suit most different team needs and resources- but the bottom line is that you need to have some way of seeing how your performance is doing over time with the ability to isolate different elements to see what exactly is driving success or failure in your social content.

For example, in our Twitter Trackers, it’s easy to isolate hashtags using the left nav, then sort them by tweets, retweets, contributors or impressions.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 3.58.07 PM

And having everything in one place at one time- like in our project dashboards- is a bonus that makes it easier to see if trends you’re experiencing are holding across platforms or just isolated to one. In the contest of this post, it could be that hashtags you’re using on Instagram don’t translate well to Twitter or vice versa.

project dash

Let us know if you need our help with measurement and happy hashtagging!

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