Brands celebrate Galentine’s Day on Instagram

Galentine’s Day emerged from the fictional mind of Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation as a way for women to celebrate their friendships with one another before Valentine’s Day, and it quickly caught on in popular culture, spreading even beyond fans of the show. Proof? Brands are tapping into the holiday to encourage women to go all-out on their Galentine’s Day celebrations.

We looked at #GalentinesDay on Instagram to see just what the conversation was like and how brands were getting in on it.

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The Body Shop hosts a giveaway

Instagram giveaways are a common way for brands to elicit engagement from existing followers and enlisting new ones. Often contests will ask participants to tag friends to enter, further boosting the reach of a post and brand awareness. The Body Shop taps into all of this with a Galentine’s theme in this post:

The Body Shop Galentines 4
via The Body Shop on Instagram

Wilton Cake Decorating wants to help throw a Galentine’s party

Wilton’s has wholly embraced the idea of Galentine’s Day right alongside Valentine’s Day, going so far as to create a separate section for it on its website’s decorating ideas¬†catalog. Some of the same images in this catalog also appear on their Instagram feed, and clicking on them takes the viewer to a page with a full recipe and a reminder that they can help find any ingredients the baker is lacking!

Wiltons Cakes Galentines
via Wilton’s Cake Decorating on Instagram

Anthropologie makes Galentine gift-giving easy

Holidays all come with their own expectations around gift-giving, and Anthro aims to make it easy for fans and followers to get something good for their Galentine. After all, if you can’t spoil your best friend, who can you spoil?

Anthro Galentines
via Anthropologie (Anthro) on Instagram

Brand takeaways

So what’s the takeaway in all of this? These are all brands working to reach a target audience that’s interested in Galentine’s Day, a day to celebrate female friendship. They’re approaching it in a laid-back yet polished manner, framing everything in a way for friends to spoil each other just as Leslie Knope would do (French macarons are the culinary equivalent of a 5,000 word essay after all).

A simple execution takeaway is noting that both Anthro and Wilton use a common Instagram workaround for the lack of clickable links in individual Instagram posts: The link in their bio contains the ability to shop whatever a particular post holds. Instagram has started testing ways for followers to buy direct from brands on the platform, but it has yet to be universally rolled out. Until then, brands will have to continue to use third-party workarounds.

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