Big Game ads in new and surprising places

If you’re a regular reader of the blog you’ll have noticed by now that we always encourage a spirit of experimentation in how brands approach social media. Plan the majority of your content from reliable data and feedback from your audience, but also leave some room to try new things and have a little fun.

Kia is doing just that for this year’s Super Bowl, debuting their ad somewhere no other brand has: Via bot on Facebook Messenger. According to PSFK:

“Kia Motors‘ Super Bowl ad has debuted on the NiroBot for Facebook Messenger, aiming to get across the image of the new vehicle as a smarter kind of crossover.”

While this is a great step in the direction of innovation, only time will tell if it’s something that sticks for Big Game ads or even really resonates with their target audience.

So far Budweiser has one of the most discussed ads on social, and before that was Wix with the added pull of the celebrities starring in their ad have with their social followings.

With the Big Game airing Sunday, there’s still time for another brand’s ad to come out on top.

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