The Week in Social #239

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On visual marketing and crisis comms

A consistent visual brand makes it easy for fans and followers to recognize you across platforms. Here are 3 Tips on the Importance of Visual Consistency (from Twitter) by Andrew Hutchinson for Social Media Today.

You need to have a crisis communication plan in place for your brand. Laura Petrolino’s piece for Spin Sucks- The Brave New World of Crisis Communications- covers why it’s nonnegotiable to have an actual crisis comms plan in place, plus resources for creating one. One big important piece? Ongoing monitoring.

“Monitor for:

  • Brand name
  • Product names
  • Tagline or a slogan (if applicable)
  • Competitor’s names
  • Executive team’s names
  • Important industry keywords”

On content marketing

If you’ve got the resources, considering adding some original research to your content strategy this year. eMarketer finds that Original Research Moves the Needle for B2B Content Marketers:

“A survey of B2B executives conducted by Clutch in September 2016 asked about content marketing tactics, and found that original research and data are the most effective B2B marketing approaches.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents in Clutch’s survey said they created research, infographics or original data as part of their content marketing efforts. Respondents also said these exact content categories were the most effective.”

original research B2B content

Some great takeaways from NYT’s 2020 report for content marketing by Ben Davis for Econsultancy’s blog: Content strategists take heed! 10 lessons from The New York Times’ 2020 report

Here’s a tough question from Jacob Baadsgaard for MarketingLand: Are you writing too much content? (Spoiler alert: You should do an audit to see which blog posts are resonating most with your audience. Tips and tools for that are included in the read.)

Finally, brands don’t have to be boring. Here are 5 Tips for Adding Personality to Your Branded Content (and Why You Should do so) from Pierre de Braux also for SMT.

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Image source: The Found Animals Foundation.