We rate dogs on Instagram

The best Twitter account is no doubt WeRateDogs with its character-building grit and never-ending flow of good dogs. As with any good multi-channel strategy, we decided to take this approach to Instagram and we asked the fine employees of Union Metrics to join in on rating their favorite dogs on Instagram.

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Brim the English Mastiff

Our Social Media Manager Sarah rates Brim the Mastiff 14/10 because you can’t beat a 170lb baby named for Wilford Brimley who looks this good in winter hats.

brimmers in a hat
via brimthemastiff on Instagram

Wafflenugget the Bernese Mountain Dog

Editor-in-Chief Jenn and VP of Sales & Marketing Dean both rate Wafflenugget aka Waffy 12/10 because WaffleNugget is derpy and beautiful and loves playing in the snow.

via wafflenugget on Instagram

Pam the Pug

Customer Support Representative Betsy rates Pam 13/10 because Pam has swag and epic style; a swag that makes her happy about once a day in her Ig feed.

pam the pug
via pamlovesferrariboys on Instagram

Buttercup the Corgi

Jerry, VP of Engineering, rates Buttercup 11/10 because she is his high school classmate’s Corgi and he gets snaps of her too.

buttercup the corgi
via buttercupcorgipup on Instagram

Mr. Meatballs the Shih Tzu

Marketing Manager Rebecca rates Mr. Meatballs 12/10 because he is a friend of hers.

mister meatballs
via mistermeatballs on Instagram

Canine Companions

Finally, Nichole of Sales Operations, rates Canine Companions 15/10 because their dogs change and improve lives.

canine companions
via ccicanine on Instagram

Rate your own dogs

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We double-dog dare you.

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