New year, new job? Union Metrics is hiring!

We’ve shared a lot about what it’s like to work at Union Metrics over the years, tapping our employees to write about their experiences attending conferences or just a day in their life at the office. Maybe you’ve seen those posts and you’ve decided we sound like the kind of people you’d like to work with, or maybe you’ve found this post and you’ve always wanted to work with a robot in an 80s power tie.

Either way, we’re hiring! See if any of our current open positions are a good fit or pass them along to a friend who’s looking for a new challenge.

Support Engineer (Austin)

We’re looking for a Customer Support Engineer to handle internal engineering support requests from our front line success team while also providing Level 1 operations support for system level alerting. This is a transitional role with an operations focus – we are looking to invest in a motivated candidate who will ideally grow into an Operations Engineer role on our team over time. The right candidate will already have some technology background and be highly motivated to move into an engineering track career.

This position is based with our engineering team in our office in Austin, Texas.

Operations Engineer (Austin)

We’re looking for an Operations Engineer to support, maintain and scale our fleet of servers powering and our analytics data pipeline. Millions of social events continuously flow and propagate through our systems every day, and our Operations Engineer will be responsible for keeping the lights on and blinking at the right frequency. The ideal candidate should have experience in the deployment of highly-available services, and be up-to-date on best practices in configuration management.

This position is also based with our engineering team in our office in Austin, Texas.

Customer Success Manager (San Francisco)

We’re looking for an experienced Customer Success Manager to join our growing customer success team. Our social analytics products are used by thousands of companies across the world, including 60% of Interbrand’s global top 100 brands and more than 75% of the largest PR firms in the United States. This person will be responsible for ensuring customer happiness and increasing retention for our larger brand and enterprise customers.

This position is based in our San Francisco office.

More details

Need more information for any of these positions? Click on the link in each description to get more details on the duties, responsibilities and extra credit for each role, plus how to apply. And as always you can find us on Twitter with any questions @UnionMetrics.