What takes social media out of this world

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When you think of “personality” in a brand, government isn’t the first thing that comes to mind (it’s probably Denny’s). But NASA runs some of my favorite social media accounts in existence because they manage to balance personality with science communication so well.

Here are the reasons I love NASA social media, plus what tips you can take away for your own brand. (Do better than just sending your brand advocates a branded swag, for example.)

Be everywhere your audience is

Nerds were some of the first people to populate the internet in its early days, so NASA knows they have to be pretty much everywhere to reach their people. The scope of NASA is huge- they have dozens of different centers of operation, projects and teams at any one time- and they’re smart about giving each one its own voice so those interested in a particular project can follow it more closely.

The Mars Curiosity Rover, for example, shares not only information and photos from its mission, but chimes in on pop culture happenings here on earth too:

Letting a sense of humor shine through is always smart for brands that the public might perceive as more intimidating or serious; it removes barriers and makes it more fun to learn about whatever information they happen to be sharing. And tapping into pop culture and other trends in a brand-appropriate way is a great way to stay relatable and relevant to your audience.

Support your projects in-house

Their accounts all retweet and support each other, leading to more discovery as people come across new projects and teams they might want to follow: