The National College Football Championship on Twitter

The 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship is tonight. Clemson and Alabama face off for the second year in a row. Who does Twitter support in the game?

As of right now (about an hour before kickoff), Clemson is leading in Twitter votes. That includes the voting tweets from ESPN below, as well as general mentions on Twitter today. Of the 125k tweets using the official #NationalChampionship hashtag so far today, 50k have mentioned Clemson and 45k have mentioned Alabama.

How will this change during the game? Can Twitter correctly guess the game’s winner? We’ll update this post as we see how things unfold.

Update: Clemson won! There were more than 500k tweets using the #NationalChampionship hashtag yesterday, peaking around 14k tweets per minute. And tweets about Clemson spiked up to 31k per minute as the game ended. There were more than 1.1 million total tweets about Clemson yesterday.