Agencies: Help your clients work video into their social strategy

Sometimes clients are really excited about new technologies, but lack the knowledge and resources to jump in the way their enthusiasm would like them to. Other times they’re terrified of anything new and skeptical that it could work for their brand. Either way, it’s up to agencies to help their clients get the most from their social strategies. Whether your client can’t wait to get started with video or is terrified of it, here’s how you can help them make it part of their social strategy.

Not an agency? This advice works for anyone on a brand team who wants to make 2017 the year they finally start tackling video marketing.

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Start small

Many brands are intimidated by the imagined scope of a video campaign, thinking that is has to be huge and expensive when it’s often more practical to choose one small thing to start with and gauge the audience response before doing any more.

How to decide what small thing to try? We’re glad you asked. (And maybe you want to start with How to add more video to a social strategy.)

Pick the right kind of video

There are more and more options for types of video to experiment across platforms, so it makes sense to choose the one that’s the best fit for a particular brand and any specific campaign they’re running. Start by picking the platform where their audience is most active, then decide on the type(s) of video to play with.

On Instagram, for example, brands can choose to do a more “traditional” video that runs up to a minute, or use the GIF-like Boomerang or timelapse video app Hyperlapse. Stories now also include video, Boomerang and the option to go live. Brands can mix and match all these video types, having fun with sharing their content in different ways and seeing how their audience responds. Here’s more on how to improve an Instagram video strategy.

Get inspired

Sometimes the best way to get a reluctant party excited about something is to show them really well done examples, especially in their same industry. The intention is never to copy, but to get inspired. Here’s what other brands are doing; what kind of story can be told about their brand?

Some good ones to look at are Marriott’s Two Bellmen series for those who do want to tackle something bigger, the humor from Poo-Pourri, or the hilarious simplicity of this Kitty Kommercial.

Build for the future

If that first small experiment goes well, then a brand might become more comfortable with video and want to expand from there. Take successful video from one platform and think about how a brand can apply it to another. How is the audience different in each place? What element of the video campaign were they responding to?

Keep these other video marketing resources in mind too:


The most important element of any social strategy is to be sure you know what’s working and what’s not by measuring. Choose the analytics that are right for you and your client based on the goals you establish and the resources you have available.

Something like our Union Metrics Social Suite can help you easily track campaign progress across social channels, with everything in one place at one time.

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