4 steps to get more traffic to your blog from social

Don’t let the hours you spend creating helpful, (and hopefully) interesting content go to waste; be sure it gets in front of the eyeballs of your customers, fans and followers by promoting it in all the right ways across social.

What are those right ways? Glad you asked. That’s exactly what this blog post is here for.

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How’s your blog promotion now?

First things first: Take a long, honest look at your current level of blog promotion. Are you simply sending out the same tweet three times in a row, hoping your audience clicks on it? Dropping it once on Facebook with the same wording you used on Twitter? You’ve got to put in a little more work than that to see some better returns.

If you’re already sending out multiple well-crafted, tweets tweaked for each platform around new blog posts, how are they performing? Take the top five or ten best and worst performing posts on each platform and see if you can spot any patterns. Is there a certain time your audience seems to be more engaged? Do they click more on posts that have photos? Could you try some GIFs? What about video?

Take notes on what’s working and what’s not to use going forward.

Go beyond Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook are the two places most businesses have a presence, but what other channels are you missing out on? If your brand has been dragging its feet on creating or ramping up an Instagram presence, now’s the time. Mix in promotional blog images (you can switch out direct links in your profile as you post new images) with images that offer quick tips or insights into company culture and other behind-the-scenes moments. Pay attention to the kind of content your audience responds to and use that to plan more similar content going forward.

Look outside of social too: Email marketing is an important part of any marketing strategy and your email content can and should support your blog and social content. Just be sure you’re crafting new messaging that fits each place while staying inside the guidelines for your brand voice and values.

Look to the best

It’s never a bad idea to draw inspiration from other brands both inside and outside of your industry. What blogs do you love reading and how do they promote their new posts? What can you take from their strategy to try in your own? Instead of copying exactly, decide how you can work their promotion strategy into your existing one.

Looking outside of your industry can be especially helpful here as you might come across new strategies none of your competitors are trying to capture your target audience’s attention.


You’ll never know how those blog posts are performing across social if you don’t have a social measuring system in place. Of course we humbly recommend our Social Suite or other multi-channel plans so you can keep an eye on all of your social activity in one place at one time.

But the most important thing is to find something that gives you the data that you need with the resources that you have. And then never stop experimenting.

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