Starbucks gets animated with writers from The Simpsons

Starbucks is the latest big brand to join the original video content creation club and they’re pairing with three writers from The Simpsons to do it. The resulting animated series, called 1st & Main, “will creatively bring to life moments that happen in Starbucks stores across the country and star a cast of animated animal characters” according to Marketing Dive.

We’ve talked about the similar projects from Marriott (their Two Bellmen series) and Taco Bell (Taco Tales) and this one fits into a similar format of telling stories about customer lives that happen around the brand, rather being centered on any specific product offerings from the brand. More of a lifestyle content approach that reaffirms what customers, fans and followers feel in making the brand a part of their lives.

Brands are smart to capitalize on that, as it drives more loyalty than many other marketing approaches. The influencer angle in tapping into the writers of one of America’s most popular shows is also smart; it’s not an obvious choice but it makes sense and could help boost the brand with less-obvious audiences.

As the writers put it themselves in a Starbucks blog post:

“As much as we are supposed to be working, we are even better at procrastinating,” said LaZebnik. “Looking around, you can’t help but see the vibe in there – the partners (employees), the regular customers, the flow of morning traffic. We thought we could bring that to life in a really fun way.”

The series can be found here.

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