Rules for successful celebrity presentation on social media

There’s a lot to learn from how celebrities present themselves on social media, no matter your brand or industry (it all comes back to brand voice and values in the end). With that in mind, here are the rules for successful celebrity presentation on social media.

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Be accessible on your own terms

There is a fine line to walk on social media in terms of sharing: You want your audience of fans and followers to feel like they’re getting special access, but you don’t want to overshare. Decide how much you’re willing to share in terms of your personal brand or the brand you represent, always working to perfect the balance that will keep your audience satisfied without overstepping any boundaries you’ve set for yourself and your brand.

This also gives you more authority when asking for privacy in certain times. Of course there are some who will never be satisfied, but the majority of your fans and followers will be more likely to support your request if they feel like you’ve been working to genuinely connect with them over the course of your relationship.

Let your sense of humor shine

One of the best examples of this is supermodel and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen, who definitely lets her voice and sense of humor shine through on social.

While she has more freedom as a personal brand to speak her mind than traditional brands do, you can still tell by reading her posts that they’re authentically from her and not a staff sharing canned tweets at specific intervals. If you have a strong brand voice and personality, don’t be afraid to share it within some specific established parameters; this is why it’s always a good idea to write a style guide.

Audiences connect much more strongly with something real.

Use celebrity for social good

Cause marketing is popular- especially during the holiday season- but it absolutely has to be authentic or your audience will find out and they will reject your brand for it. Choose a cause that’s close to your heart or makes sense with your brand; if you don’t know where to start, start local. Every brand is a part of the community they exist in and it’s always a smart move to give back to the place you’re from.

As a bonus you’ll get to know others in your immediate community, strengthening your online community if they choose to become a part of it as well.

Give other projects a boost with your influence

Give behind-the-scenes looks not only at the life behind your brand, but the projects you’re working on to give the other brands you’re working with a collaborative boost. It doesn’t even have to be an official project; diversifying content is always good for your feed.

Which brings us to our next and final rule.

Balance your feed

Never be promotional 100% of the time; be sure to balance out promotional posts with highlights from hobbies or home life (as much as you’re willing to share) for personal brands and anything from office adventures to employee highlights and more for more traditional brands.

The bottom line is that you want your personality to shine through, no matter what kind of brand you are.

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