How to apply your best Instagram lessons to other channels

While each social media marketing platform has its own unique quirks and necessary tweaks for content to find its audience there, there’s a lot you can extrapolate from one platform’s success to another. If your content is taking off on Instagram, for example, pay attention to what about it is working so well and figure out how to translate that element to other platforms.

Here’s how you can apply your best Instagram lessons learned to other channels.

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1. Visual marketing matters

Despite Instagram’s newer updates that some are claiming make it more Facebook-like (the ability to like comments, for example) Instagram is still a visual platform. If your brand is seeing more success in translating your personality and brand values visually, pay attention to that and think about how you can emphasize it across other social channels. What visual elements can you take advantage of in each place? Try using tweaked versions of some of your most successful visuals from Instagram on Twitter and Facebook. See what’s the most successful there and what elements you can repeat in new content going forward.

Be sure you have a cohesive visual brand that’s easily identifiable across channels, too. You want your fans and followers to be able to recognize you quickly in each place that they look for you.

2. Mix up your media

Instagram has come far from its static photo days: You can upload videos up to a minute, GIF-like Boomerangs, time-lapsed Hyperlapse videos, and photos that defy the longstanding square tradition of the platform. Take advantage of all these different options to mix up the content you post and see what your audience responds to.

Use something like our free Instagram account checkup or more comprehensive Instagram analytics to keep track of what’s resonating and what’s not. Your audience might not like videos as much as they like Boomerangs, for example, but you’ll never know until you test and measure.

And once you know your audience likes a certain style of media on Instagram, see how it or its equivalent format performs elsewhere. Try using more GIFs on Twitter, test posting some Boomerangs to your Facebook Page.

3. Experiment

We always recommend leaving enough room in your content marketing plan for some experimentation. Keep track of new features that come out, third party apps to test, and keep an eye on what big brands are doing with their extra resources that you could translate into something for your own brand. If Instagram Stories are working well with your audience, see if your Twitter followers would like a similar tour via Periscope or set up a Q&A time on Facebook Live.

Mix it up and have fun with it, within the parameters of your brand voice and values. Your fans and followers can tell if you’re having fun, and they’re likely to respond well to it.

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