2016′s top 5 memes on Twitter

2016 is almost over. For many, this comes as a huge relief. But no matter how you feel about the year itself, 2016 brought us many memes. Some jumped from their dark, niche corners of the internet to infiltrate broader culture. For example, you probably even saw you local newscast performing the Mannequin Challenge.

So, how did these memes spread on Twitter? Which ones did Twitter like? The top five 2016 memes on Twitter were:

  1. Mannequin Challenge – 10.5M Tweets
  2. Damn Daniel – 5.7M Tweets
  3. Crying Jordan – 1.2M Tweets
  4. Ken Bone – 1.0M Tweets
  5. Bottle Flipping – 0.8M Tweets

Here’s how those memes traveled across Twitter in 2016. Some, like Ken Bone, flared up and then out soon after, while others, like Crying Jordan, saw lower but sustained conversation throughout the year.

top 2016 memes on twitter

We looked at other favorite memes, like Dat Boi, Trap Covers, Evil Kermit, #UNameItChallenge, #PhelpsFace and many others. But none were as popular on Twitter as these five. And in case you missed any of these, here are a few good ones.

What were your favorite 2016 memes?

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