Poo-Pourri’s video marketing makes a social taboo funny

We’re raised to know that certain topics simply aren’t discussed in polite society. So how is a marketer to get around that social taboo when selling something like the cheekily named Poo~Pourri? Humor and a well-executed video marketing strategy seem to do the trick for them.

From a longer YouTube ad that’s a playful take on the history of meeting certain human needs

Poo~Pourri has created shorter GIFs and still images that they share at well-timed intervals, calling back to the original video. They also mix in new visual content that takes fans and followers behind-the-scenes:

They share these snippets across platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) so their audience can interact where they like best, and the limited repetition also makes it more likely a causal follower will give into their curiosity and click to see what the product in the campaign is all about.

Our only suggestion? Poo~Pourri might also want to consider expanding to Tumblr; their sense of humor would do well there.

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