When to go Live and when to go 360 on Facebook video

If there’s one social platform you should experiment on above all others, it’s Facebook. With constant tweaks to the News Feed algorithm, mixing up your Facebook strategy at least a little bit can help keep you in the feeds of your fans and followers.

With that said, it still pays to pay attention to the prevailing wisdom of the moment. So when should you go Live on Facebook and when should you spend time developing a 360 video? Here’s our advice for your Facebook video strategy.

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When to go Live on Facebook

Going Live on Facebook is better for more spontaneous, behind-the-scenes and advice type of video content. Choose going Live over developing a 360-degree video if you’re planning:

  • An informal behind-the-scenes tour, Q&A session or how-to advice session
  • Interviews with anyone
  • Other verbal explanations of anything, or simple demonstrations that require verbal explanations while someone demonstrates

Basically Live is best for any type of content that you want to feel more informal and cozy, letting your followers in on something in-the-moment and that would benefit from live audience interaction.

If you want your viewers to be able to ask questions of you as you’re demonstrating or to chime in with additional questions while you’re interviewing your CEO, then definitely go with Live.

When to develop 360-degree video for Facebook

360-degree video takes more time for planning and resources than a Live broadcast does- all you need for that is a willing person, a smartphone and maybe a phone tripod- but when they’re well-executed, nothing can beat the viewer experience. Choose a 360-degree video if you’re planning:

  • An immersive experience, such as a grand tour of a new or iconic space that you want viewers to be able to explore on their own, to some extent
  • Anything you want more polished; Live is more about being in-the-moment and can be a little rougher around the edges and spontaneous
  • Anything you want the viewer to be able to fully explore from home and feel some measure of control over the experience
  • Visual explanations that require more scope and/or polish than a simple demonstration

Still not sure which to choose? Take a look at these examples

We’ve covered The Met’s 360-degree tour in one of our Campaigns We Love and Lowe’s has done several 360-degree videos on their Facebook Page covering several DIY topics.

The latter is something you could do with Live or 360- a Live session allows you to show the humorous frustrating moments and take questions while the 360 will instill confidence in its scope and polish- so taking your specific audience into account should help make the final decision. If you have the resources, do both and track the response to each. Over time your audience should make it clear if they prefer one over the other.

And if you need help with that measurement, we can help you by putting your Facebook metrics in the same place as everything else with our Social Suite.

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