Twitter and early voting

You’ve probably heard there’s a U.S. presidential election underway. With just a few weeks left before Election Day, it’s time to check in on Twitter and see how things are going.

Early voting has started in many states. And more than 7.3 million people have already voted, according to CNN. Some states are reporting record turnout, such as Texas, where the 10 biggest counties in the state saw more early voters than ever on Monday. Our office in Austin is across the street from an early voting location and it’s been packed since voting started there earlier this week.

Here’s what recent conversation about early voting looks like on Twitter.

early voting and twitterThe red areas represent all conversation about early voting, while teal specifically mentions Donald Trump and purple specifically mentions Hillary Clinton. There have been more than 825k tweets about voting early in the past month. 179k of those mention Hillary Clinton and 167k mention Donald Trump. In 2012, there were 360k tweets about early voting over the same time period.

To compare, below is a look at overall conversation about both candidates over the past month. There have been 130 million tweets about Donald Trump (orange), and 91 million about Hillary Clinton (green). The graph highlights the final debate, which you can see reflected in the table below the graph. There were 8.7 million tweets about Trump around the debate and 6.6 million about Clinton. This isn’t really surprising, as Trump has consistently generated far more Twitter conversation than any other candidate throughout the election. The gap has narrowed considerably, though. In June, for example, Trump generated 2.5x more tweets than Clinton. In the past month, he’s generated 1.4x more.

Trump and Clinton on TwitterWe’ll continue to watch Twitter and keep you posted on any interesting happenings. For now, if you live in the United States, go vote!