Never lose a pitch again: Get the data you need to win business

Doing your homework on a potential client before a big pitch is a given; no one who really wants to win a job or account would walk in totally unprepared and try to wing it.

So what kind of social data should you look at to help you win over your next client? Let’s take a look at just that so you never lose a pitch again.

Do an audit of your pitch’s current social

How deep you go will depend on what exactly you’re pitching them on and your own resources and time restraints, but the more homework you do the more impressed they will most likely be.

Take the time to figure out what their current social presence is missing, down to smaller things you’ve learned from experiences working with other similar clients. Look at their organic social posts and compare them to paid social posts they’ve done. How do they differ? Which have performed better? Have they tried experimenting with different forms of media, especially video? How’s their engagement with their fans, followers and target audience?

Show how you can be the one to fill in any gaps, but be sure you’re also working to bring new ideas to the table rather than simply recycling old ones.

Audit their competition

Take it further by auditing their main competition: What’s the competition doing better? How big is their industry share of voice vs. the competition’s? How can you help your potential client bridge those gaps?

Looking at less-obvious, non-direct competitors that are adjacent to their industry can also give you some unique ideas and perspectives to take into your pitch. Be sure you’re looking at a set of keywords that capture the majority of the conversation in the industry since not everyone will use exactly the same terms or hashtags in their conversations.

Put together a plan

Take the information from your audits to build up a base plan of action. If one of their social channels is outperforming all of the others, show them how you can bring their other channels up to par by translating what’s working for that one into a format and/or tactics that can boost the others. If their last campaign performed badly, how could you have improved it?

Remember to also let them know what they’re doing well, how you would fold that into the new ideas you’re bringing to the table, and share the numbers you have around all of this to show you’ve really done your homework and care about improving their performance.

The bottom line

Put yourself in their shoes. What are they dying to know (that they might not even realize)? Figure out how you can give it to them, and the business is most likely yours.

And if you want to see a solid example of how you can use our social data in many of the ways outlined above- with real data!- read this.

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