Netflix fuels Gilmore Girls fans with free Luke’s Diner coffee

Across the nation on October 5th, Gilmore Girls fans could indulge in a longtime dream: Free morning coffee from Luke’s Diner, a mainstay of the original show. Netflix sponsored free coffee from 7am-noon at pop-ups inside of established coffee shops, even providing Luke’s Diner hats and apron to staff. This move- heavily promoted on social media targeting the demographics most likely to be fans of the original show- comes on the 16th birthday of the pilot and ahead of the series revival happening on Netflix next month.

The actor who plays Luke- Scott G. Patterson- even showed up to one of the pop-ups to help with promotion, including a behind-the-scenes Instagram story:

Netflix GG story 1 Netflix GG story 2

Netflix nailed the multi-channel social marketing for this IRL event, with just enough behind-the-scenes exclusivity in each place for the fans who prefer one platform over another. This Facebook fan interaction pretty much sums it up:

Netflix GG FB

We’ll drink five cups of coffee to that.

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