Discover key Instagram communities using hashtags

There’s a community for just about everything on Instagram and the magic of Instagram is that you can discover them and how they like to talk to each other, present their content and more, via hashtags. Here’s exactly how brands can go about discovering key Instagram communities related to their fans, followers and target audience using hashtags.

Go from broad to specific

It’s always a good idea to combine large, popular hashtags on Instagram with smaller more focused and specific hashtags; this same approach is perfect for finding Instagram communities that are important to your brand.

For example, a winery that specializes in rosé might want to start broad with searching #winetime on Instagram’s mobile search, which will give you a lot of general wine-related hashtags to check out if you haven’t already:

#winetime That’s great, but not as targeted as you want: You want rosé fans. Making #rosé your next search (accent marks do work on Instagram and in search, as you can see; they give you much more specific results) you can see that those results still get mixed up with people posting about things that aren’t related to the wine (like flowers). But dig around a little and you will find a hashtag that’s what you want: #roséallday. Bingo.

#rosé #roséallday

Go deeper

Spend some time in these targeted hashtags seeing how rosé lovers are posting about their favorite wines and talking to each other about them. Be sure you’re also keeping track of who the biggest rosé fanatics are. Are any of them prominent wine influencers your brand would be interested in working with? Are they poised to be a great influencer but haven’t been approached yet?

If you’re not looking to work with influencers, that’s okay too; simply browse their profiles to get a better idea of who your target audience of rosé lovers are, how they present their love of rosé on Instagram and even which hashtags they use. Look into some of those hashtags using the strategy we just outlined and you’ll have a solid picture of what this community looks like.

Just be sure you don’t awkwardly jump into their conversations with hard sells about your wine. The point in doing research around a community is to be able to speak to them and join in their existing conversations organically, without blindly intruding and forever turning them off of your brand.

This is also where working with an influencer in a space can be particularly helpful as they can introduce your brand to the community rather than you introducing yourself. Choose the approach that’s best for your particular brand, industry and resources.

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