Burger King pulls a spooky Halloween prank

Rivalries are old news, but Burger King came up with a fresh take to prank their fast food rival McDonald’s: They dressed up a Brooklyn location like the ghost of McD’s.

The existence of an official- but unlisted- video on their YouTube channel means this is an official BK marketing move, but one they’re trying to make look more organic by not promoting it in traditional ways on their social channels; the unlisted video and the single outside retweet vs. official BK tweets about it support this move.

As it stands this is a fun one-off Halloween campaign meant to make those who discover the tweets about it feel like they’re in on a more underground prank. A big reveal might come later, widening the audience for this marketing move and bringing everyone in on the joke, making them feel closer to the brand.

Trick or treat, McD’s.

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