Twitter, #TNF and the NFL

This football season, Twitter and the NFL have teamed up to livestream Thursday Night Football games on Twitter. Twitter users can watch the game in their Twitter app on their phones, computers, even their TVs. The game is shown live, alongside a constantly moving stream of Tweets about the game. It’s a fun, interactive experience, making the social conversation as big a part of the action as the sport itself.

So now that we’re a few weeks into football season, how is this partnership going? Here’s what #TNF conversation on Twitter has looked like over the first three weeks.

2016 Thursday Night FootballYou can see spikes in Twitter conversation on each Thursday. The first TNF game was on September 8, before Twitter started livestreaming the games. The first Twitter-streamed game was on September 15. That week’s spike was substantially larger than the first game’s. There were 2.5x more Tweets on September 15 than on September 8. You can see this increase continued into the next week. More people seem to be talking about the games on Twitter with the livestream.

And how do these Tweet volumes compare to last season’s Thursday night games? The biggest game last season was one of the earliest games, between the Broncos and Chiefs, and even it had only half the Tweets as this season’s Twitter-streamed games.

So is this a win for Twitter? Is the partnership a, um, touchdown? So far, it’s looking very good for Twitter and the NFL! But of course, it’s early in the season, so we’ll see how things change over the course of the fall. What do you think? Have you watched a #TNF game on Twitter yet?