What you can learn from seasonal brewery marketing on Instagram

Last Thursday marked the official first day of fall and even if the weather in your area isn’t cooperating with what the calendar says, social media is enthusiastically embracing the change of seasons, including the breweries. If pumpkin beer isn’t your thing, there’s still plenty of Oktoberfest-ing and other seasonal brewery activities to get excited about.

Not in the beer market? Doesn’t matter; these seasonal Instagram marketing moves have some lessons in them for everyone.

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Founders takes us behind the scenes to their hop harvest

The boom of craft beer in America has given us all at least one friend who is a self-proclaimed hophead, but most us don’t think about the process of actually putting hops into beer. Founder’s Brewing takes followers behind the scenes into exactly that process on their Instagram account, sharing over the course of a week their trips to visit hop farmers, the process of harvesting and drying hops, and more.

Founders Hop Harvest
via Founders Brewing on Instagram

The takeaway: What insight into a seasonal process or other process your brand is involved in can you give to fans and followers? Especially with the addition of Stories, Instagram is the perfect place for it. Make it a dedicated week, like Founders did, a weekly recurring post or an interactive Story (interactive because followers can respond via Instagram DM) you can save pieces of to post to your profile later.

Founders actually directs fans and followers to their Snapchat for more, which is a great multichannel promotional move, but it’s definitely easier to increase involvement on one platform when you have a similar feature than to get fans to follow you elsewhere. Consider if the motivation factor is strong enough for your audience to consider encouraging them to find you on another platform (plus the easy of discoverability in that place) and how you could make it stronger if necessary.

Dogfish Head celebrates the Punkin

The pumpkin craze isn’t for everyone, but Dogfish has been brewing this particular pumpkin ale since 1994, “a full 6 months before we even opened our doors for business!”. Celebrating this fall trend, they also offer an exclusive ceramic pumpkin growler that’s only available to a limited few each fall.

Dogfish Head Punkin
via Dogfish Head on Instagram

 The takeaway: Offering some exclusives from your brand is always a smart move; those able to get in on a limited run always feel closer and more bonded to a brand because of it. Creating a one-of-a-kind product also enables a partnership between your brand and a craftsman, as Dogfish works with a local potter to create these growlers. That increases the specialness factor just a little bit more, as well as tapping into the increasing popularity of local, handmade goods.

Using the latest brewery tech in a seasonal way

While nitrogenated beers themselves aren’t new, the ability to have nitro beers in cans and bottles is fairly new tech (that’s still a pretty closely guarded secret for those who have figured it out). Breckenridge Brewery in Colorado is using their master of a craft for seasonal good, releasing a Pumpkin Spice Latte beer in nitro cans.

Breck Brew Nitro PSL
via Breckenridge Brewery on Instagram

The Takeaway: What unique spin can you bring to a larger seasonal trend? This is a great way to get even the most cynical around a seasonal happening interested in your effort; if an improved technology brings a new or unique enough experience, it can be enough to override an existing prejudice toward something parts of your audience may have developed just because it has become widely popular.

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