How often should you post on social?

“How often should you post on social?” is a tricky question. No matter how long you’ve been on certain platforms it can be tricky to know if you’re posting enough- or too much- or exactly when you should post next.

With the right set of tools, however, you can narrow it down with confidence to a posting cadence that’s right for your brand and audience.

How is your current schedule working for you?

If you’ve noticed a change in engagement with your audience, it could be that you’re posting too much or too little or at the wrong times to engage them. In order to determine if this is the case, do a quick audit of your current posting schedule. If you have some historical data you can compare it to, see if engagement has ebbed or flowed when you’ve posted more or less often on certain channels.

Once you have that data and can see some patterns emerging, use them to create some deliberate timing experiments going forward. (If you don’t have historical data to work from, you can still set some scheduling experiments to gather data going forward.) Look at weekly trends, month-to-month and especially at the end of every quarter and year.

Always leave room to experiment

Even if your historical data gives you a very clear idea of when and how often you should be posting on different channels, we still recommend that you leave a little room to experiment. After all, if you’ve  never posted during a certain time, you won’t know if your audience is active and engaged then! Consider testing posts on evenings and weekends if you haven’t before, or during the wee hours of the night.  This is especially important if you have customers in other time zones (and there are always the truly dedicated and the insomniacs in your own time zone).

Let the right products do the hard work for you

If you don’t have a budget for comprehensive analytics, using something like our free Instagram account checkup can tell you right away what the best time is for you to post on Instagram while our free Twitter snapshot reports can let you know which of your tweets are performing the best, allowing you to note if they’re all from similar times of day.

For those who do have more resources, our Social Suite’s insight stream can tell you right up front if you’re posting at a time that’s different from when your audience is most engaged on a certain channel, allowing you to quickly adjust your posting schedule.

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