Why mid-campaign measurement is crucial to the success of your campaign

If you think you have to wait until the end of a campaign in order to get all of the data around it you’re not only mistaken, but missing out on crucial real-time campaign data that could potentially dictate its success or failure.

Not convinced? Here’s why mid-campaign measurement is crucial and you shouldn’t wait until the end to break into the data.

Adjust course before it’s too late

By checking in on your campaign regularly, you can adjust your course before it’s too late by doing more of what’s getting a good response and less of what isn’t. We’re not necessarily talking about big issues either; small tweaks can add up to bigger success.

For example, some of your wording on how to participate in a contest that’s part of a campaign might be unclear to those wanting to participate. If you’re checking in regularly you’ll see this and be able to address it rather than finding out only at the end why you had such lackluster participation. Maybe your campaign posts are performing better on a certain day or at a certain time. Maybe an influencer has joined in and given your campaign a boost and this is a great way for your brand to build a relationship with them going forward.

There’s no “we had no idea, we didn’t see that coming” at the wrap-up meeting because you’re seeing everything in as close to real-time as possible.

Head off a crisis

Aside from avoiding minor bumps and setbacks that end in disappointing results, you can also avoid a full-scale disaster. We’ve all seen how small things can quickly snowball out of control on social, but a team that’s keeping an active eye out can head off disaster by dealing with it smartly and in a timely manner.

Be sure you’ve looked at examples of how crises unfolded for other brands in the past- part of a campaign or not- and build a comprehensive plan for your own brand based on different possible scenarios. If you need help, here’s everything we’ve covered on social media crises over the years, including several examples of how brands reacted both well and badly.

Make reporting easier

If higher-ups or a client drop in for an unscheduled campaign update it’s no problem; you have real numbers and highlights to quickly pull together rather than hedging with vague generalities of “it’s going well”. If you’re using something like our Social Suite, it’s easy to use our project dashboard and insight stream to quickly relate progress and send a deeper report later.

Constantly working with and checking in on campaign data will make putting together an end-of-campaign report easier too— not to mention planning the next one easier still. Bonus? The trust you get from higher-ups and clients with all of your spot-on, ongoing reporting can make it easiest of all for you to ask for a bigger budget or justify a riskier creative approach next time.

You’ve convinced me. So how do I do it?

Keeping tabs on a campaign throughout its journey doesn’t have to bust your budget. With the right planning you can use free tools (like our Twitter snapshot reports) at regular intervals to keep an eye on things. If you do have more resources, something like our Twitter Trackers can give you real-time feedback, and of course the Social Suite makes it simple to track a multi-channel campaign. Find the product that works best for your particular resources.

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