Making the most of your off-season on social for travel brands

It’s tempting to just take it easy during your off-season, but that’s the best time to plan content for the busy season and do a little community building with your existing fans and followers— not to mention your target audience who aren’t yet following you.

Here are some of our suggestions for how travel brands can make the most of your off-season on social.

Stay in touch

Create a plan for staying in touch with your regular guests during the off-season so you can stay top-of-mind and they won’t think of booking a trip without you next year. What makes the most sense in terms of your existing relationship? Figure out where they would like to hear from you- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook- and make sure you’re definitely responding if they’re reaching out to you regularly in those places.

Tell stories

Reach out to regular guests or any notable guests for permission to tell the story of their stay. Engaging stories told during the off-season can draw in new audiences and make them add you to the list of their next places to visit.

This is a great way to build out your content marketing plan using user-generated content (UGC), which in turn makes the guests you highlight feel closer to and more valued by your brand. They very likely to reshare your posts within their own networks, which will put you on the radar of their likeminded friends, family and followers.

Plan content for the busy season

As we mentioned before, the off-season is the perfect time to plan everything out for the busy season so you’re not completely overwhelmed when things pick up. Do a full content and social audit and see what performed well and what didn’t, and plan your content efforts for the next season based on that. See where you can work in some of the UGC mentioned in the previous section if that’s not already part of your content plan.

Take some time to experiment

Definitely experiment with your content while you have the bandwidth. Is there a new channel you want to test? A new feature on a channel you’re already established on? Get feedback from your loyal audience during the off-season; knowing they’re a part of your efforts can also increase their loyalty to your brand.