London Zoo goes wild on Facebook Live

Some brands just have a leg up on their content and the London Zoo- with all of their access to cute and fascinating animals- is definitely one of them. While the zoo had been broadcasting via Periscope, they’ve recently switched over to Facebook Live where they have a more established and engaged audience, according to Econsultancy. Econsultancy also recently spoke with the man behind their video and broader social strategy, Dan John, learning that their focus comes down to three things:

“We focus on three things at the core of our most engaging content – the cute, the wondrous and the weird.”

That’s a great takeaway for any brand: Sit down to figure out what the three key components of your brand’s video content marketing strategy should be and build (or rebuild) from there.

John also shared more about their strategy, specifically:

“In terms of our video output and distribution strategy more specifically, we have moved away from producing one video to put across all channels and instead we’re tailoring videos to work best for specific platforms.

This obviously takes more time, but we have found that it has improved engagement.

We also prioritise growth on platforms like YouTube and Facebook where engagement is high. This is in comparison to Vine where we place less emphasis on follower growth, instead seeing it as a tool to help increase our Twitter engagement.

I’m also keen to keep on top of the latest video trends and to try new and innovative approaches, like 360-degree video for example.

It’s all about finding the most effective and interesting ways to communicate all the different work the organisation does, as well as educating people about the wonders of wildlife and how they can help to preserve it.”

A good strategy always boils down to the unsexy basics: Decide what it is that you want to communicate and then share it on the platforms where your audience is most active and receptive to that information.

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