4 creative examples of social marketing from alcohol brands

No matter what industry you’re in you can always benefit from examples of creativity in social media marketing from any other industry. We took a look at some alcohol brands going beyond the standard product shot on their social feeds to really engage their fans, followers and customers with creative social marketing. Consider how you could work some similar tactics into your own multi-channel social strategy.

Stone Brewing

Stone Brewing recently celebrated their 20th anniversary and while this marks them as a relative old-timer in the craft brewing industry, their social media marketing is anything but outdated. Stone brings a light-hearted, fun tone to their branding and brand voice and they aren’t afraid to experiment with what they share with their audience.

The creative highlights of their multi-channel social presence- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube- are the latter channels. Stone has Pinterest boards for cooking with craft beer and craft-beer-specific humor, not to mention other noteworthy topics from their industry, such as women of craft beer.  Pinterest is a smart way to collaborate with fans and followers since the platform lets you effortlessly and easily incorporate their content onto your own boards for an easily attributed form of UGC.

On their YouTube channel, Stone has gotten experimental, sharing their internal company news video with the public.

Stone TV is

“a five-minute internal broadcast that keeps our team informed and motivated, and is done weekly in lieu of a monthly employee newsletter. Anyway, we’ve had so much fun with these weekly broadcasts that we thought, ‘Why not share some of this quality infotainment with our fans?’ To give you a preview of the sort of thing one can expect, we’ve pasted together a bunch of clips from 2015 to show you the type of sizzle that goes out on our weekly news.

“You can look forward to the public version of Stone TV on the first Friday of each month.”

This is a great way to let fans and followers feel like they’re getting the insider treatment with Stone’s content, bringing them closer to the brand.

Cupcake Vineyards and Beringer Vineyards

Wineries can take the easy route on social, posting sun-soaked grapevines and rolling vineyard vistas at sunset and calling it a day. In our Campaigns We Love series we covered how Cupcake Vineyards is courting the millennial demographic on Instagram with their #TreatToday approach, collaborating with millennial influencers, sponsoring popular music festivals and getting fan permission to share UGC in Instagram comments.

Beringer Vineyards also took an influencer marketing approach, working with the creative and popular Follow Me To couple Murad and Nataly Osmann on their #BetterBeckons campaign.

via Beringer Vineyards on Instagram

Influencer campaigns can boost the audience of both the brand and the influencer when done right, and brands can also benefit from a creative boost they may not be able to get from their own team depending on current resources.

Reyka Vodka

Instagram recently introduced the ability to zoom in on photos on iOS and brands like Reyka Vodka wasted no time in experimenting with this new feature. Reyka used it to tie in the unique cultural appeal of their brand, being a hand-crafted, small-batch vodka made in Iceland.

Reyka Vodka zoom
via Reyka Vodka on Instagram

Reyka also has a solid multi-channel presence with Facebook and Twitter, distributing their visual content marketing evenly across channels with some exclusives- like the above Instagram zoom- in each place.

The takeaway

The takeaway isn’t that your brand should immediately design something around the Instagram zoom feature or spend a lot of money on high-profile influencers, but that you should tap into the new features and possibilities in marketing as they naturally fit your brand voice and values.

Hopefully these examples stoked your creative social marketing fires no matter what industry you happen to operate in.

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Featured image via Unsplash.