A Snapchat Swipestakes that’s #100percentBloomies

What’s a swipestakes, you ask? Bloomingdale’s designed the ultimate combination of digital and real world shopping experience with their Labor Day event that event that encouraged shoppers to go to their brick-and-mortar stores for a physical scavenger hunt using Snapchat geofilters. As Luxury Daily reports:

“’Hiding hundreds of Snapchat filters at local stores around the country felt like a fresh take on a scavenger hunt or sweepstakes,’ said Jonathan Paul, operating vice president of social media at Bloomingdale’s. ‘One of our insights came from Pokemon Go and that mobile user behavior.

‘We thought that if we could gamify Snapchat geoflters we could connect with shoppers in a playful and creative way. . it is intentionally a very collaborative and creative campaign concept — designed to capture the spirit of 100 percent Bloomingdale’s, our fall merchandise program that’s built on collaborations between Bloomingdale’s and over 100 top designers.’”

These items are available only in Bloomingdale’s stores and that level of exclusivity is mirrored in the choice of Snapchat for this campaign- a channel where users have to put in the work to find the brands they want to follow- though Bloomingdale’s did also smartly promote this campaign on their other social channels:

All-in-all, a very smart and well-executed campaign that plays with new technology and available features while staying absolutely true to brand.

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