Introducing Twitter geo and language reports

Exciting product news! Today, we added two new advanced reports to our Twitter Trackers – geography and language.

Use these new Tracker reports to better understand your audience and focus in on the tweets that are most important to you, based on where they were posted or what language they’re in. From there, you can create more relevant content for your audience, discover new communities, and just generally be smarter about your Twitter marketing. Read on for details.

Twitter geo report

In our new Twitter geo report, you can see where the tweets in your Trackers were posted. Drill into a map to see where your audience is – the countries, cities and neighborhoods they live in, even the businesses they visited. Once you know where the audience for any topic or Twitter account is, you can better target them by tweeting at the right times and sharing more relevant content. You can also see what people are tweeting where, to help you uncover trends and new places. Or drill in to analyze only the tweets from a specific place.

Twitter Geo Map

Twitter language report

Our new Twitter language report helps you learn what languages any conversation is in. Use this information to decide if you should be tweeting in another language or sharing different content than you are now. Or maybe you’re only interested in tweets posted in a certain language – you can drill in to just the tweets in that language. Finally, see how tweets in different languages perform.

Twitter Language Report

Both of these new advanced reports are available in the Social Suite and are active in all suite Twitter Trackers now. Current customers can log in here. And if you’re interested in learning more about the Social Suite, let’s talk!