Instagram quick tip: When to use Boomerang

Experimenting with different content formats across your social presence is important, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start with all of the different options available.

If you’ve been curious about trying out Instagram’s app Boomerang, here are a few ideas for when to use it:

  • Replace a GIF: Any action that would be well illustrated with a GIF is perfect for Boomerang, and it’s a friendly format to upload to Instagram
  • Call attention to detail: If you want to draw attention to a tiny detail in a bigger picture, be sure that’s the element that’s moving the most and capture it with a Boomerang. For example you can highlight a single step in a product demo, especially if it’s an FAQ from your customers
  • Bring life to what would otherwise be a flat picture: This works especially well with sports or other physical activities, during an outing with the office when you’re volunteering or cheers-ing at a company celebration.
  • Capture a quick transformation: Anything that takes a few seconds to put together, flip or change can be easily illustrated with Boomerang while you’d want to use Hyperlapse for a longer time-lapse
  • Make introductions fun: Instead of sharing standard headshots of employees when you introduce them on your Instagram account, take a quick Boomerang to let them show off their personality in a more dynamic way

A great basic rule of thumb for social media managers or whichever role at your company is responsible for visual content marketing is to take a mix of photos, regular videos, Boomerangs and Hyperlapses when you’re gathering material then later you can prune it and use the best of each. Testing a variety of content will let you know which formats your audience responds to best.

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