4 steps to creating the best beverage content for social media

While we’ve offered a lot of general tips and best practices for social media over the years, sometimes you need advice that’s a little more specific for your industry. Today we’re looking at how you can create the best beverage content for social media.

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First, look at industry representation on social

Decide what you want to concentrate on- direct competitors for example, or non-direct competitors who will still be using a similar strategy- and depending on your resources decide how intensive of an audit you can afford to do. You can either do a deep dive across categories or skim two or three from each for a random sample. Be sure to look at popular beverage companies of different types, noting similarities and differences in their approaches across platforms.

Regardless of where your brand fits in beverages, look at soda companies, vineyards, breweries, tea makers, cold brew coffee companies, flavored water and even sports and other health drinks. Take note of who has a really cohesive strategy and invested, engaged fans and followers. What about their presence encourages this? Do they do extra work as part of their strategy to engage their fans and followers, responding to comments, sharing photos with their hashtags, running contests?

Decide which of these things will work in your own brand strategy and with the goals you have not only for your brand, but specifically across social platforms as well. (It’s hard to measure progress if you don’t know what success will look like to you!)

Look at related industries

Take cues from somewhat related industries too. Look at consumer packaged snack foods and any stores or restaurants that sell your product. What are they doing that nobody else in beverages is? Can you think of a way to make it work for your brand?

Leave room for inspiration

Be sure to also follow some well-executed but unrelated accounts across platforms, especially those that have a really great aesthetic, great copy, or anything you think you can learn from. It’s often when you’re idly browsing your feed (or taking a break to watch a video of some cute dogs wrestling over a toy) that your brain will present you with a great new idea to try on your own account.

You also want to keep an eye on influencers that would be a good match for your brand, especially food and lifestyle bloggers. Follow them, take note of how they craft their posts and interact with their fans and followers. You want to be sure any influencer marketing you team up for would be a boon for both of your brands.


As we mentioned in the beginning, be sure you know what your goals are for each platform and which metrics are going to point to success for you. Then find the tools that are the right fit for your resources to keep track of how you’re doing in each place and review these metrics regularly.

Something like our Social Suite is a perfect way to keep an eye on all of your analytics in one place at one time. Find the product that fits your needs and resources.

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