Another day in the life of Union Metrics Customer Success

At Union Metrics we work hard to build the best products we can in the world of social media analytics, and that takes a lot of different talents. So one employee at a time we’re sharing what a day in the life of our jobs is like. 

Seeing a name like “Customer Success Manager” gives you an idea of what kind of work goes into that role, but there’s nothing better than an explanation from the person who lives it to understand it. With that, we give you a day in the life of Nic Baughman, a Union Metrics Customer Success Manager.

 On common misconceptions around Customer Success

Most people think that Customer Success is simply there to answer support questions. Although that is an important part of the job, we also work with customers every day and help them strategize their social efforts, analyze the data they get back, and provide guidance and recommendations based on the needs we hear from customers. All of this knowledge is here for our customers and we are more than happy to help out!

You can compare my work to that of a guidance counselor helping high school students go to college. Sure, there are times where they work out class schedules with students, but most of their time is listening to what a student is looking for in post secondary education experience. Customer Success Managers do the same except that we work with digital marketers.

On a typical day

A typical day involves a portion of support related tasks, meetings with customers to understand business needs and train new users, or following up with existing customers on current projects. A large portion of the day revolves around looking at customer’s data and trying to find ways that they can be more successful in our system.

On the most rewarding part of the job. . .and the most challenging

Seeing customers grow on social is definitely the most rewarding part of the job. Digital marketing can be complex and sometimes difficult for brands to organically grow. It is really exciting when a brand finds their voice, understands their community, and produces dynamite content to continue to grow their presence on a particular social platform.

There is no cut and dry process each customer can take to be successful with our product and successful on a particular social platform. So being able to understand customer use cases and realize that not all paths to success are the same is the most challenging aspect of the job.

On how Customer Success fits in with the rest of Union Metrics

Once you become a customer of one of our products, the Success team is the team you interface with.

On what there is to learn more about

I am a multipotentialite so I have a lot of interest and want to learn it all! The group I would enjoying learning more from at this stage of my life is from the engineering team. I have been taking a crack at coding in my down time and it would be great to learn more about DevOps and full-stack engineering.

In my own role, I want to be able to continue to learn more about user data and how that data can be useful to inform me as a CSM when a customer is struggling or when a customer is more than likely ready for an upgrade.

On the advice he’d give himself starting out in Customer Success. . .and on a first day at Union Metrics

Honesty with customers build relationships. Always be honest and as transparent as you are allowed to be.

As for starting at UM, social analytics is a difficult subject for most people so always look for ways to simplify the messaging you send customers. Always start with talking about the value customers receive from a particular action or report, then dive into the granular details.

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