Age-gating tips on social for alcohol brands

Alcohol brands have a tricky balance to achieve with their social media presence between being accessible to customers, fans and followers while simultaneously keeping out those who are too young to legally explore their product offerings.

So how do you achieve this balance? We took a look at how several different alcohol brands approach it for our best age-gating tips on social media for alcohol brands.

Keep it simple

No need to make things complicated here; many brands simply post a variation of the statement “By viewing and following this page you confirm you are 21 years of age” as seen on the Cupcake Vineyards Instagram page. (It’s not, however, on their Twitter or Facebook pages.) Beringer Vineyards goes with “You must be legal drinking age to follow this page.” while Don Julio requests “Please sip responsibly. Must be 21+ to follow. Don’t share with those under 21.” and Founders Brewing keeps it simplest of all with “21+ to follow”.

Stick with whatever wording you typically use for your brand. Social sites don’t yet have the capabilities for the kind of age-gating pop-ups you seen on many alcohol websites, saving the trouble of designing a social-specific one and being sure it also functions well on mobile.

Don Julio age gating
Example of standard age gate on an alcohol website.

As for the built-in age-gating functions social sites do have, you can read more about how Instagram determines users ages here, how to set up age restrictions on a Facebook Page here, and see how age screening works on Twitter here. This piece on Snapchat and alcohol advertising goes into a lot more detail about what specific legal requirements are surrounding alcohol brands and their presence and advertising on social platforms.

Remember: It is always up to brands to do everything legally required of them, regardless of features available through social or any other type of medium.   

Get creative

While your bio space is limited on most social sites, you can get creative with your phrasing if that’s more in line with your brand voice and the personality you’re trying to showcase across your social presence.

References to “youths” would work well here, as would forbidding the use of dog years in determining age. Just spend a little time thinking about what might fit best with the overall tone of your brand without seeming out of touch or like you’re trying too hard.

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Featured image via Unsplash