6 Instagram tips for resort and hotel brands

Summer is synonymous with travel. If you’re a hotel marketer, you’re probably in the midst of your busy season right now, resorts and hotels specifically. Let us help you make it through with our best six Instagram tips for resort and hotel brands.

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1. Decide what story you want to tell

Is there a story to tell beyond being a can’t-miss destination for your fans and followers? Is your property a luxury getaway, or a comfortable, no-nonsense respite from the world? Do you offer an unforgettable party? Can you offer all of the above in any combination that pleases your guests?

Figure out what you want to say, then figure out the best way to say it using all of the different visual options Instagram provides.

2. See what story is already being told

The thing for brands to remember is that you can never be fully in control of the story of your brand; the rise of the Internet and social media have made it easier than ever for multiple narratives to surround brands and institutions in a way that just wasn’t possible when society had narrower means of communication. In many ways this is a gift: A conversation about your brand and industry is already happening. All you have to do is tap into it.

Don’t be afraid of hearing something that isn’t good, either, because then you know exactly what grievances you need to address! A much better situation to find yourself in than one where your brand keeps slipping and you can’t figure out why.

So what do you need to do? Look at the following:

    • Geotagged posts from guests: Brands can learn a lot from customer geotags, as we laid out in this post. If you have few or no geotags, put up some signs around your property to encourage guests to start geotagging the photos of their stay with you
    • Regrams from people who want to come visit: Either regrams of photos from your account or of other guests who have stayed at your property. Both can tell you which images are resonating enough with your fans and followers that they felt compelled to share them with their own. What do these images have in common? How can you replicate them going forward without being repetitious?
    • Monitor any brand-related hashtags: Do you use a branded hashtag consistently on your posts? Is there another local hashtag you use? Keep track of both to see who’s an influencer and how the conversation changes over time

Finally you’ll want to see how the story you want to tell is overlapping with the story that’s already being told— and how it’s not. Is this a bad thing? How can you shift it in a way that will resonate with your target audience? Consider this as you plan your content.

3. Use amazing visuals to your advantage

Travel brands have a big advantage over most other industries in that consumers automatically associate them with escape and often seek out their content accordingly. Chances are your resort or hotel has some amazing views that can give fans and followers a brief vacation from their regular day and ideally leave them planning a longer, real one that includes a stay with you.

Once you have your stunning photos- and remember to use video and experiment with options like Hyperlapse and Boomerang when appropriate too- you need to get them in front of as many targeted eyeballs as possible. Which brings us to hashtags.

4. Use the right hashtags

The key to discovery on Instagram is hashtags: The right ones in the right combination on the right photos. Of course you can’t always nail the formula exactly (because there is no magic formula), but you can get very close with a little groundwork and willingness to experiment. Use these 4 steps to finding the best travel hashtags on Instagram to do just that.

5. Keep an eye on the competition

Be sure you’re following or at least checking in on the accounts of your competitors and anyone else relevant in your industry, including travel periodicals, bloggers, airlines, local restaurants and other destinations. . .you get the idea. All of these are great sources to pull ideas from for your own account and you’ll get a sense of how the local community presents itself on Instagram as well. Many consumers will research a place before they visit- including using social- so this is valuable information to have.

You can even talk to other local places about using a shared, relevant local hashtag to boost discovery among you.

6. Consider influencers

If in your hashtag searches and following of relevant accounts you come across a travel influencer or two that would be a good fit for collaboration with your brand, don’t be shy about approaching them! Do be sure you have a clear idea of what you want out of the partnership before you begin (a boost in reach? better brand recognition? how will you measure this?) and that it’s a truly good match down to your brand voice and values.

Want even more advice?

As a resort or hotel marketer, you have a unique opportunity to use social media to attract visitors to your property. Having a strong multi-channel social media strategy beyond Instagram alone allows you to best take advantage of social media’s capabilities to uniquely reach and inspire visitors. We’ve written a free guide with your needs in mind that covers a number of topics to help create as strategy or improve your existing one.

Download it now and learn about how to create the best content, grow your audience, and find the right metrics to measure your success.

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