How to create a 360 photo on Facebook— and why you should

Video- especially live video- is all the rage on Facebook right now, so why are we talking about 360 degree photos? Well one size never fits all in marketing, so it’s up to you to do the work and test to see what your specific audience wants from your brand in what format. It could be that you have something to share that fits better with a 360 degree photo format than in any other.

Always figure out what it is that you have to say or share about your brand, then decide what format or tool will be the best way to present it. Test everything that’s hot and new if you have the resources for it, but it all comes down to what is going to do the best job of communicating between your brand and your audience. Still not convinced? Here are some other reasons to take on a 360 photo project.

Why 360?

  • Stand out: While everyone is talking about Live video and producing video in many different formats, this is a unique way to catch your audience’s eye and differentiate yourself in their News Feed
  • Engage: 360 photos are a fun, interactive way to engage with your audience, enabling them to explore a space or event in a whole new way. This can be especially meaningful for anyone in your audience who cannot physically attend a space or event
  • Smart content: You can repurpose pieces of your visual capture on other networks to draw your audience back to Facebook for the full, interactive experience (Bonus if drawing audience back to Facebook is a goal you already have on the books)
  • Unique storytelling: 360 photos are a chance to tell a visual story of your brand in a new, immersive way. Think of how to share a space, event, or even a product in a way that someone not physically present can feel that they are
  • Mobile first: While you can also explore these photos on desktop by clicking and dragging, it’s more fun for the audience to move their phone around to move through the photo, making it a great asset to your visual strategy on mobile

How do you create a 360 degree photo?

Now that you’ve got the reasoning behind creating a 360 degree photo for Facebook, here’s the how from the source themselves, plus an entire 360-focused mini-site if the Help page doesn’t cover everything that you need. You can also try this video tutorial that takes you through the process.

Once you’ve created yours, here’s how to upload it.

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